Speckles is a member of G-Force and became the main antagonist near the end of the film. He is voiced by Nicholas Cage in the film and Michael Gough in the video game.


Speckles' home was dug out to be made into a golf course as his father made him promise to make the humans' suffer and he was found by Ben and trained by him. Speckles has to wear glasses because he can't see. After Speckles was thrown into the garbage truck, he got out and hid in a soup can, and rode it to the city dump, as Speckles reveals himself as Mr. Yanshu to Darwin as he also reveals he sabtoages the team's presentation with a extermination virus and also talked Saber into building Clusterstorm. Speckles, after realizing he had a family all along and Darwin helps him stop Clusterstorm. Speckles, now has to take out all the chips in the appliances and said to rejoin the team, if they will have him.